We’ll Seal Your Drafts While You Do Holiday Crafts

We’ll Seal Your Drafts While You Do Holiday Crafts

Many Seattle residents participate in Community Power Works to minimize their impact on the environment.  It’s true – upgrading your home is one of the best ways to reduce your household’s energy use and environmental footprint. Upgrades also make your home toasty during the winter months, and with Community Power Works, it’s simpler and more affordable than ever.

As a savvy environmentalist, you might be surprised to learn how significantly your holiday shopping affects the environment. The products most of us buy are full of “embodied energy.” A product’s “embodied energy” includes the energy used to extract raw materials, assemble products in a factory, and ship goods hundreds or thousands of miles to your doorstep.  The things we buy (and often throw away shortly thereafter) leave a profound footprint.

Reducing the environmental impact of your holiday gift-giving is easy—and it can be a lot of fun!  Here are a few DIY holiday gifts ideas made by reimagining common household items:

Cowboy cookie mix in a recycled glass jar.

A mitten gift holder made with scrap paper.

Toilet paper art for the home or office!

A picture frame made from recycled magazines.

Lastly, don’t forget that LED holiday lights are a great way to keep your energy costs down without “bah, humbug-ing!” your family’s holiday cheer.

Thanks to the thousands of Seattleites who have participated in Community Power Works this year!  Wishing you and your family a warm holiday season.

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