Welcome to the CPW Blog!

Welcome to the CPW Blog!


Welcome to the Community Power Works blog! We are excited to present what’s happening in the CPW program, and within the industry, by sharing the stories and profiles of our customers, energy auditors and contractors. We are privileged to have some of the best in the industry on our team to help homeowners be more comfortable in their homes, save money through energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of our beautiful city of Seattle.

We are finally hitting our stride after starting the program last spring. Now that word is starting to spread about the program, and being warm and comfortable in our homes is on the top of our minds, we are starting to see a surge in home energy upgrades in the program and the great completed work of some of our early customers.

Satisfied homeowner and CPW participant Allyson Adley: “My experience with this program has been 100% positive.”

By the way, if you haven’t seen the before & after photos of the Adley house that we posted on Facebook, check them out here.

As our first case study, two of our CPW energy expert partners, energy auditor Charlie Rogers from Habitat Home Energy Specialist and Bob Thoreson’s team from HomeRx, joined forces to identify and prioritize energy inefficiencies in the Adley home.

Homeowner Allyson Adley told us, “When we learned that 86% of the warm air in our house was escaping each hour and being replaced with cold air from outside, we were shocked. That provided us with the motivation to act.”

Home Rx put together an action plan that fit the Adley’s needs. “The more I think about it,” Bob Thoreson told us, “the more I think our name really makes sense for us. We go into homes and we write a prescription for a healthier home that is the solution that fits both the house and the home owner.”

With a crew of 11 people, including two from Seattle’s Green Jobs Program, HomeRx set about insulating the attic, floors and crawl spaces, as well as replacing the ancient, inefficient oil burning furnace in the home with a heat pump. Adley said, “Our 40 year-old oil furnace was failing and filling the house with the smell of exhaust. Following the energy audit, Charlie outlined our options and recommended a ductless heat pump.”

As a part of the CPW program the Adleys were able to take advantage of rebates and incentives that helped to offset a considerable amount of the overall cost of the upgrade. Not to mention, they saw generous savings from not having to pay their previous oil bill.

When all of the work was done installing the heat pump and sealing and upgrading insulation, Charlie returned to the Adley house to do a quality assurance check, which is built into the CPW program. The end result is that the Adleys’ energy consumption has gone from 24,000 kWh to 10,000 kWh, saving almost 60% over previous energy costs, and reducing their carbon emissions from 8.6 tons/year to 5.8 tons/year.

“I cannot get over how much value we’ve added to the house with the CPW upgrade. We feel good that we are not buying oil any more, and it’s a relief not to have to open that bill,” said Adley. “My experience with this program has been 100% positive.”

Our congratulations to the Adley family on their warm, comfortable home, and heating bill reductions!

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