We Value: Energy Assessments

We Value: Energy Assessments

Community Power Works (CPW) and Seattle City Council Member Richard Conlin are excited to invite you to a behind-the-scenes look at a CPW home energy audit in “Richard and the Mystery of the Missing Heat!” Conlin graciously opened his doors (and crawl space) so that current and potential CPW customers could get the inside scoop on what to expect during a home energy assessment. Assisted by 2 different CPW-approved contractors (HomeRx and Sound Home Performance) and 1 independent auditor (Habitat Home Energy Audits), we took 4 hours of intensive measurement, observation, and testing and boiled it down to 4 minutes of video fun!

In this video, you’ll get to preview the tests performed over the course of a 4-hour home energy audit. You will see a blower door fan in action – a test that de-pressurizes the home in order to illuminate “cold spots.” You will see auditors use infrared cameras to observe areas of weak insulation in the walls, attic, and floor, as well as perform safety tests on existing heating equipment (e.g. furnaces, etc). You’ll hear our experts explain in their own words the importance of optimizing your home’s performance in accordance with building science principles in order to keep your home healthy, comfortable, and efficient. Most importantly, you’ll hear from happy homeowner Richard Conlin about the value of the CPW energy assessment! He says:

“I learned a whole lot about my house. I learned some things that are going to save me money, and I learned that I can do some good things for the environment.”

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