SustainableWorks Mobilizes for a Mission

SustainableWorks Mobilizes for a Mission

Over two years ago, SustainableWorks began its mission of upgrading homes to be more energy efficient. A pioneering organization in the field of energy efficiency, SustainableWorks is unique among Community Power Works contractors; they’re a non-profit with a triple bottom line mission to create quality jobs, reduce our collective carbon footprint and build strong communities.

With the aid of grant funding, SustainableWorks has spurred nearly1500 homeowners to explore weatherization measures for their homes and completed 500 retrofits throughout Washington state. Even more impressive, is that SustainableWorks has assembled an army of nearly 200 volunteers to support the organization and spread the good word about home energy efficiency.

According to SustainableWorks’ Kellie Stickney, “Volunteers are the lifeblood of (our) efforts.” Our forty SustainableWorks/CPW volunteers talk to their friends, staff tables and phone banks, canvass neighborhoods door-to-door, speak at their churches and community clubs, and send out social media updates.” According to Stickney, the effort of these volunteers and others has helped to keep 2 million pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere; an amount that grows year after year.

Happy homeowner, Alec White

The work is having a positive effect. Alec White, owner of a 1907 home which received weatherization and heating upgrades through SustainableWorks said, “My house is more efficient. I’m saving money. I’m cool in the summer and more comfortable in the winter. And the people who came into my house to do the work were very professional.” Brooks Kolb, a landscape architect and Co-Chair of the Columbia City Climate Co-op ( who upgraded his home last fall said, “I would definitely use SustainableWorks again. I strongly support the work that CPW and SustainableWorks are doing.”

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CPW Contractor Profile

Company Name: SustainableWorks
Twitter feed: @SustainableWrks
Contact Person and Phone Number: Kellie Stickney, Director of Marketing and Outreach 206-575-2252
Size of workforce: 18

Business Specialty:
SustainableWorks is a non-profit general contractor dedicated to helping homeowners save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your home energy efficiency needs, and dedicated to guiding you through the process step by step. We specialize in bundling projects by neighborhood to maximize efficiencies, save on transportation costs and pass the savings on to our customers.

How/why did you get into this business?
SustainableWorks is a mission driven non-profit. We got into this business to create pathways to living wage jobs, provide social and economic benefits for families, and improve the environment by upgrading the existing building stock.

Why are programs like CPW important to you & your customers?
We strongly believe that large scale energy efficiency is necessary to the health of our environment and our economy. Programs like Community Power Works are important for building a strong green industry for Washington residents.

What is the most memorable moment or job on the job?
Every person we’ve been able to engage and assist in making their home energy efficient makes it worth coming to work. Our team is known for going the extra mile with our customers. We’ve had numerous occasions where a home energy audit has not only resulted in lower energy bills for our customers, but a safer, healthier home. We’ve addressed mold, pests, asbestos and more. In one home our energy audit discovered that the homeowner’s oven had been venting into their crawl space for years unbeknownst to them. This was causing grease to build up in the crawl space and create a haven for rats and other pests. We were able to find, and fix, this issue doing our energy audit.

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