NW Home Comfort: Better living through technology, but low-tech education first

NW Home Comfort: Better living through technology, but low-tech education first

After years working with companies like Apple and Microsoft, NW Home Comfort owner Marco Mazzoni is passionate about the potential for technology to improve people’s lives. “Technology is going to make it easier and easier to be more efficient,” he said. “Self-programming thermostats, occupancy sensors for lighting, and smart windows that convert sunlight to energy are all on the way,” he says. In the meantime, as a Community Power Works energy auditor and BPI Certified building analyst, Mazzoni’s first step to helping homeowners become healthier and more efficient is to provide some low-tech education. “There is a disconnect on health and safety issues that should matter to homeowners, but doesn’t,” he said.

During home energy audits, Mazzoni routinely informs homeowners of disconnected ductwork and decomposing animals in crawlspaces which contribute to harmful air quality. He also debunks assumptions about energy costs. “I had one customer running five electric space heaters all winter because she was afraid of paying for her natural gas furnace,” he said. “I helped her do the math to understand how her heaters cost about $100 per week to run, which was far more expensive than if she had used gas.”

Mazzoni finds a natural fit with Community Power Works and his holistic “triple-bottom line: people, planet, profits” approach to his business, which was instilled in him as a Sustainable Business MBA graduate of Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Mazzoni feels that the program benefits the homeowner, the environment, and the entire community. He has been working in the field since 2008 and says there is no other program he is aware of that offers more financial help to homeowners converting from fossil fuel heat sources like oil to cleaner, more efficient energy.  “Things can work out so that, by not buying oil, homeowners can be cash-positive through the Community Power Works program – even after expenses,” he said.

Learn more about Marco Mazzoni and NW Home Comfort in Mazzoni’s own words below:


Company Name: NW Home Comfort

Website: http://www.nwhomecomfort.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NWHomeComfort

Contact person & phone number: Marco Mazzoni 206-832-7236

Neighborhood: Central District, serving customers of Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy

Years in business: 4

Size of workforce: 1

Business Specialty: Independent Energy Auditing

Personal Passion: Making NW homes more comfortable and energy efficient, one address at a time

How/ why did you decide to get into the business? 

During my studies for my MBA in Sustainable Business at Bainbridge Graduate Institute (www.bgi.edu), I answered a posting for an energy efficiency specialist at Puget Sound Energy. The job was a great match for my interests (sustainable energy solutions), my wish to make a difference (helping improve my community), and my love of science and technology (using computers and advanced diagnostic equipment).  I enjoy explaining building science concepts using easy-to-understand terms and concepts.

Why are programs like Community Power Works important to you & your customers? 

Community Power Works is your tax dollars at work helping our community become more sustainable through targeted rebates, financial incentives, and affordable financing options.

What was your most memorable moment or job?

This happens all the time when I discover things about a customer’s home that they wondered about but weren’t able to solve.

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