Molly’s Salads saves BIG on kitchen upgrades

Molly’s Salads saves BIG on kitchen upgrades

Owner: Stefan Kalb

Location: Georgetown neighborhood – 5701 6th Ave S.

Measures: Convention Oven Equipment Replacement, Lighting, motor and temperature control replacement on existing walk-ins.

Contractor: Metro Group

Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings:  $2,232 (29%)

Community Power Works and other upgrade incentives: $12,345 = 83% of project cost

Molly’s Salads isn’t just serving up healthy lunch and snack options. Under the leadership of co-founder Stefan Kalb, Molly’s is embarking on a campaign to make Seattle a “fully green sustainable city.” Inspiring city dwellers to eat green to stimulate local farms, promote the environment, and build community is just one part of the plan. Molly’s has recently made its Georgetown headquarters dramatically greener by cutting its annual energy use in half through a Community Power Works for Small Business upgrade project.

Kalb learned of Community Power Works last April through his friend, Seattle green activist Gabriel Scheer. The following month Stefan attended a Community Power Works-sponsored environmental networking event organized by Scheer. The event, called “Seattle Greendrinks,” provided the connection with Community Power Works that sealed the deal. “The way the process was explained was so phenomenally easy, it made me want to do it,” said Kalb. “Numbers-wise it was clear and easy to understand what this was going to do for my business.”

With the help of Metro Group as the Community Power Works contractor on the job, Molly’s upgraded to what Kalb calls “the most exciting, beautiful convection ovens,” as well as new lighting, and replacement motors and temperature controls on existing walk-ins, allowing Kalb to take advantage of rebates and incentives equaling $12,345 or 83% of the project cost. For the balance, Kalb considered financing options, but realized that the energy he was saving would allow him to recoup self-financed costs in just one year.  “It’s easy to sell Community Power Works to eco-minded businesses,” said Kalb. “But it just makes good business sense, even if that’s not your focus as a business owner.”

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