Meet the Habitat Home Energy Specialist: Charlie Rogers

Meet the Habitat Home Energy Specialist: Charlie Rogers

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to meet homeowner Allyson Adley and her contractor, Bob Thoreson, from Home Rx, let’s get acquainted with Charlie Rogers of Habitat Home Energy Specialist, the guy who got the whole process started for the Adleys with a home energy audit. The audit is the first step in the CPW process and really the keystone to the CPW program.

The first time we met Allyson, she told us, “Our auditor Charlie could not have been more ethical.” We heard this sentiment over and over again as we met more of Charlie’s customers. More than one other customer said about Charlie, “He found things that our home inspector missed when we bought the house.” In short, Charlie is a rock star in the building science industry.

Charlie is in this business because he, too, has a passion for the long-term health of our planet and because “Conservation is smart!” He has earned a 5-star rating from customer reviews on Yelp as well as dozens of “A” ratings on Angie’s list. And we are darn lucky to have him as a CPW home energy expert.

Charlie sees it as his primary role to inform and guide homeowners through a comprehensive 2-hour top-to-bottom diagnostic of their home energy use, and then propose solutions that can lead to greater energy efficiency. The assessment includes:

  • An analysis of your utility bills
  • Inspections of your attic, basement, crawlspaces, water heater, and pipe insulation
  • A blower door test to check for leaks
  • Infrared imagery to locate hot and cold spots,

For a comprehensive description of these tests and others included in Charlie’s evaluation, visit the Habitat Home Energy Specialist site

The result of the audit is a 20-page report—a guide to the secrets your home won’t tell you—including photo documentation and a blueprint of upgrade options. The report provides details about trouble areas and proposes itemized solutions complete with estimated costs and savings. Charlie will also help you to decide which measures make sense based on your lifestyle, and he can help you understand the basics of which incentives and rebates may apply to your projects. If you want, Charlie will also recommend contractors that he thinks might be a good fit for your project.

And as an added bonus, Charlie (or someone else sanctioned by the CPW program) will come back after the contractor has finished the job to perform a quality assurance inspection to make sure that the work was done right and to identify things that need to be brought up to standard. All of this expert information and advice costs only $95 (instead of hundreds of dollars) thanks to a rebate from Seattle City Light that is paid directly to auditors.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Charlie’s reports:

And here’s the scoop on Charlie’s business in his own words:

Company Name: Habitat Home Energy Specialist



Contact person & phone number: Charlie Rogers 206-390-3348

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill, serving Puget Sound

Years in business: 3

Size of workforce: 1

Business Specialty: Independent Energy Auditing

Personal Passion: Helping homeowners solve problems they are dealing with. I like to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right.

How/ why did you decide to get into the business? Energy efficiency. Conservation is smart! It can provide the solution to multiple problems including a drafty, cold home, high bills, poor indoor air quality and more!

Why are programs like CPW important to you & your customers? It brings the resources of the entire community together to help homeowners with their houses.

What was your most memorable moment on the job? Helping a family find & solve a carbon monoxide danger in their home.

Thank you, Charlie, from all of us at CPW, for being committed to creating a sustainable Building Science industry and for your outstanding service as a part of the CPW team!

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