Keep the Future Clean: Ten Ways To Go Green

Keep the Future Clean: Ten Ways To Go Green

A happier environment is feasible if everyone would pitch in and contribute to a cleaner society. There are many fun and creative ways to make a greener future possible. From taking public transport to making homemade cleaning products, thousands of solutions and ideas are out there to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Ten Ways to Become More Eco-savvy


From bottles to fabric, everything has a secondary use. Before throwing those egg cartons and cereal boxes out, think about how you can use them around the house. Cereal boxes can be transformed into magazine holders. Egg cartons make great ink wells for paint. Think outside the box and look online for ideas on how to re-purpose everyday household objects.

Consume Less

Evaluate what your household needs and focus on buying fewer things to do the same job. Bring your own reusable bags to the store, and return them to your car or bike basket once you’ve put away your items.

Get Crafty


Make your own cleaning solutions and body products. This can be a fun activity to do alone or with children. There are thousands of different recipes for soaps, candles, and cleaning products available on the web.

Go Back To The Basics

Be earthy. Decorate for holidays and special occasions all year round with natural sticks, leaves, stones and flowers that you find in the park or the neighborhood.

Mug It

Bring your own mug to the local coffee shop, work, or school.

Have some splendor in the grass

Enjoy nature. Exercise by taking a walk or run in your local park or trail. Have a picnic and enjoy natural light, just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


Not only is this a way to get the old brain going, but it is also an opportunity to save electricity by no watching television. Visit used bookstores and find literary gems; it is good food for the mind.

Stay Classy

Instead of commuting, take school classes online. This enables you to make your own schedule and save gas and paper via digital learning.

Start A Fashion war

Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Declare war on high prices and buy clothing at thrift and vintage stores instead. Have a clothing exchange with friends and shop for free.

Seize the day

Open windows and use the sun to light your home instead of light bulbs. Try to complete tasks around the home without turning on the lights to save energy.

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