Happy Bird of Courage Day!

Happy Bird of Courage Day!

On average, the Pacific Northwest sees its wettest days in the last two weeks of November. True to form, forecasts indicate the next several days will soak Seattle, but Thanksgiving is perfectly timed to buoy our water-logged spirits. As family and friends gather over turkey and cranberry sauce – or saag gosht and matzah ball soup – more than 1,680 households can count a more energy efficient home among their blessings.

At Community Power Works, we are thankful that so many Seattleites have taken advantage of our program and that participants are seeing deep energy savings.  The Department of Energy set aggressive requirements of a minimum 15% savings for residential energy efficiency upgrades. We are pleased to report that our residential portfolio is far exceeding expectations. Community Power Works participants are projected to achieve an average of 30% energy savings. 

Even better, we have more than 60 homes projected to achieve more than 50% energy savings. Mark Eaton offers just one example – upgrades to his 1948 Beacon Hill home are projected to reduce his energy consumption by 59% and save him almost $1,200 each year in energy costs. While Mr. Eaton was initially planning to do home energy upgrades “down the road,” he reports that the “cost savings [from Community Power Works] motivated me to get it done now!”

Time to take advantage of Community Power Works’ innovative suite of incentives, rebates, and financing is slipping away. As Benjamin Franklin – who incidentally considered the turkey a “bird of courage” – wrote, “You may delay, but time will not.” Refer your friends, family, and colleagues before it’s too late. Click here to download a Snapshot of the program, and help us spread the good news!

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