Getting Cozy in Roosevelt

Getting Cozy in Roosevelt

Whether it’s biking, ultimate Frisbee, a long run, yard work, or a soccer game—most Seattleites know the feeling of being soaking wet and chilled to the bone after their favorite outdoor activity.  On soggy days, nothing beats returning to a cozy home and warm shower.

The problem for Community Power Works customers Janine and Lance was that their Roosevelt home was far from cozy. “We’d been in our house for 10 years and were always freezing. My husband and I were really tired of being cold. We’d thought about doing something before but never really connected the dots.”

After she received a letter about Community Power Works, Janine felt like they had nothing to lose with a $95 home energy audit. Batt + Lear’s Patsy Heasly conducted the audit and helped pinpoint Janine and Lance’s comfort woes: a lack of insulation in many sections of their house.

A cantilevered addition to their home—where their bedroom is located—had no insulation, which made for especially cold nights. “The assessment process was very educational and we learned a lot about our house in general,” said Janine.

Janine and Lance worked with Community Power Works’ certified contractor RichArt Builders to come up with a suite of upgrades that would maximize the utility and program rebates available. They insulated the basement, outside walls, and bedroom; added batting to the attic hatch; and weatherized a side door.

“The week after the upgrades were complete, we could feel the insulation. It felt like there was a cloak of warmth around the house even without turning the heat on. We could feel the energy shift within the house,” enthused Janine. Although they reduced their energy use by an estimated 26%, Janine said that they feel about 60% warmer than they did before their Community Power Works upgrade. They’ve also seen lower electric bills. “Typically at this time of year we are paying about $300 per month—but this month it was only $189. We haven’t had the heaters on as much thanks to the new insulation.”

Janine has encouraged several friends to participate in Community Power Works.  “It was an amazing experience!”

Get cozy—call Community Power Works today.

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