Fruits and veggies and a side of dessert

Fruits and veggies and a side of dessert

There’s a saying in the energy efficiency world that you have to eat your energy efficiency fruits and vegetables before you can have your solar dessert. A little over a year ago, homeowners Amanda Slepski and Patti West thought they might not get either. Amanda’s father performed an audit of their Georgetown home and estimated the cost of an upgrade, including energy efficiency improvements and solar panels, at close to $50,000. With the costs seemingly insurmountable, Amanda and Patti placed their green dreams on the shelf.

Months later, the couple received a letter from Community Power Works boasting unprecedented incentives to help homeowners move from oil heat to gas or electric heat.  Amanda says, “With the incentives, rebates, and financing options that were made available through CPW, we were thrilled to be able to do something that seemed impossible just a year before!”

Amanda and Patti worked with Community Power Works contractor Puget Sound Solar to develop a comprehensive scope of work – from the efficiency fruits and veggies to the shiny solar dessert. After decommissioning the home’s oil furnace, converting to electric heat pumps, upgrading the knob and tube wiring, insulating the attic, installing efficient lighting, and adding solar panels, Amanda says, “It was amazing to see how tight we were able to get [the house], and we were surprised by how much solar we could produce. We will be able to pay off the solar panels within five years!” And Amanda’s father shares in their delight. Amanda says, “I think my dad is the most excited. He drives people by the house to point out our solar panels!”

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