Freed From Shawls by Insulated Walls

Freed From Shawls by Insulated Walls

George Thompson was used to waking up or coming home and immediately wrapping a blanket or shawl over his shoulders to stay warm. His 1928 Broadview home was drafty and uncomfortably chilly most of the year—but the worst part was that he was paying to be cold. He kept his heater running in an attempt to warm the house and always felt a little cheated when he paid his heating bill.

Last fall, George saw a Community Power Works billboard asking, “Is your furnace burning cash?” The question resonated with him, and when he later learned about the program’s generous rebates while listening to KUOW, George decided to sign-up for a $95 home energy audit through Community Power Works.

The audit produced surprising results. “There was no insulation in the walls. Nada! Zip!” George explains.  To stop warm air from leaking out of his home, George reached out to Community Power Works contractor Neil Kelly.  The Neil Kelly crew insulated the walls and attic and used caulking to plug other holes.

George felt satisfied that he’d made a worthwhile investment, particularly during the free test out energy audit. “The before and after thermal gun pictures were very impressive,” he offers.  The insulation improvements will reduce George’s annual energy use by 26% and will allow him to go shawl-free if he pleases.  “Now I can sit at my kitchen table, drink a cup of coffee, and not have a shawl wrapped around me!”

His advice to other shawl-wearing Seattleites: “Do it! Take advantage of the subsidy today and have a comfortable home tomorrow.”

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