Energy Auditing is Serious Business for Former Clown: Simplicity Home Energy

Energy Auditing is Serious Business for Former Clown: Simplicity Home Energy

Before founding Simplicity Home Energy, Bob Greenspun performed over 1,000 shows with The Greatest Show On Earth.® A graduate of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, Greenspun also worked a four-year stint at Seattle Children’s Hospital with Big Apple Circus Clown Care. Although clowning might seem like a far cry from his current day job, Greenspun frequently draws upon past experience as a Community Power Works energy auditor. “Sometimes when I’m in someone’s attic hanging from a rafter or balancing on a floor joist, I think to myself, ‘Man, I’m glad that I trained as an acrobat!’” said Greenspun.

Inspired by the stimulus-funded green energy and job initiatives in the early 2000s, Greenspun began his career as an independent energy auditor with real enthusiasm. He explained, “There are not many opportunities where everyone involved is a winner. These initiatives help everyone. Families become healthier. They save money and energy. There are also great opportunities for small businesses. This is positive for everyone.”

Greenspun sees Community Power Works as filling a void in the industry, providing non-biased communications to educate homeowners about the value of energy audits and upgrades. “Before Community Power Works,” he said, “there was no clear path to get the word out and communicate to folks without them feeling like they were getting sold on a project.” In addition to a lack of communication pathways, he noticed there was a need to streamline the process from energy audit to upgrade, and to ensure that rebates and financing options were easily accessible to all Seattle residents. “Community Power Works serves the essential purpose of being the hub for all of these things,” Greenspun said.

In line with the program’s values, Greenspun focuses on creating a positive and educational experience for his customers–providing information they can use and empowering them to take on easy projects themselves. “Everything that I do, I look at from the homeowner point of view to help them understand, on a simple and emotional level, what it is that we do in home performance, and why it is important for them to take action,” he said.

Greenspun takes thermal imaging of CBS studios during an interview on the Tina & Drew Show.

As a guest on the Tina and Drew Show on AM1090 ( ), Greenspun reflected on his work: “I think the most interesting thing for homeowners is how I list a priority for upgrades–what is going to get you the most bang for your buck.” He went on to explain that in some cases, small investments in home improvement equipment, such as a caulking gun, can help homeowners save up to $100 per year in energy costs.

Greenspun’s advice is appreciated by his customers. In his review of Simplicity Home Energy on Yelp (, user John V. said, “I had Bob do an energy audit on one of my rental houses, and it brought to light a lot of fairly easy and inexpensive fixes that will increase energy efficiency. Very professional!”

“Making people happy” is how Greenspun ultimately views his work—as a clown or as a Community Power Works auditor. “Performing is a lot about knowing who your audience is. Essentially, it is customer service,” he said.

CPW Auditor Profile: Simplicity Home Energy



Contact: Bob Greenspun 206-607-9331

Neighborhood: NorthEast Seattle – Serving Puget Sound

Years in business: 3

Size of workforce: 2

Business Specialty: Independent Energy Auditing

Personal Passion: My passion is Simplicity! No jargon or boiler plate answers. I understand the importance of comfort, health and savings from the homeowners’ perspective.

I started Simplicity Home Energy because I recognized an opportunity to grow a business, support my family, and help others.

Community Power Works is important to my customers because it ties together the various strings related to improving home energy efficiency. My customers like the additional incentives, the low-interest financing, and quality of contractors.

One of the most memorable moments for me was the first time I found a real safety concern in someone’s house. The hot water tank was leaking into the crawlspace and the homeowner had no idea. If it had persisted, the floor would have rotted and the crawlspace would have flooded. I was able to get the homeowner in contact with a great contractor who not only fixed the problem, but upgraded the customer to a tankless hot water system that uses less energy and doesn’t leak.

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