Community Power Works expands rebates for oil-heated homeowners

Community Power Works expands rebates for oil-heated homeowners

Community Power Works is excited to announce a host of new rebates for Seattle homeowners that use oil as a primary heat source! The program understands that there are numerous heating sources for homes in Seattle—electricity, natural gas, oil and propane. Not surprisingly, these sources are not all equal in their efficiency and environmental impacts. Community Power Works is here to help ALL Seattle homeowners make energy efficiency improvements and personalized choices, regardless of their heating supply.

We understand that oil has been an effective low cost heat source for over a hundred years in the Puget Sound. However, today cleaner and more efficient options, such as natural gas and electricity, are becoming more affordable. Coupled with the rising prices of heating oil – from $2.00 a gallon in 2007 to $4.50 a gallon in 2012 – it is easy to see why homeowners are making financial and environmental choices to switch. In response, many heating oil companies are expanding their service offerings to meet customer needs. For example, Olsen Energy Services, Community Power Works subcontractor, is helping customers install new high efficiency heating systems.

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For those homeowners not interested or unable to switch from oil or propane, Community Power Works will now match existing utility weatherization rebates for oil-heated homeowners! Previously, these utility-based rebates were only open to natural gas or electric customers. The purpose is to help customers living in oil heated homes become more energy efficient through such measures as insulation, air sealing, and new windows.

The current rebates for customers living in oil heated homes are:

  • Up to $2,500 to any Seattle homeowner that makes energy efficiency upgrades to their home. The amount of the rebate varies with the energy savings achieved.
  • An additional $1,200 for those homeowners that switch from oil or propane to cleaner energy such as natural gas or electric, matching existing utility rebates.
  • NEW! $500 available for the first 100 homeowners who complete a home energy upgrade. To help with the cost of tank decommissioning.
  • NEW! Up to $1,800 to match existing rebates for non-heating measures for homeowners that keep their current oil heat or upgrade to a high efficiency oil system.

To learn more about the Community Power Works rebates click here or give us a call at 206.449.1170!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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