Boots-on-the-Ground at Neil Kelly

Boots-on-the-Ground at Neil Kelly

Corey Fitch, the Home Performance and Solar manager at Neil Kelly’s Seattle office, walks the talk as much as possible. Like many Community Power Works participants, Corey lived in a 100-year-old house that was in dire need of a whole-home energy overhaul. Corey decided to put his values of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and home performance to work. With the financial assistance of Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union, Corey completed a retrofit project that included air sealing and insulation, a high-efficiency furnace, LED lighting, a tankless water heater, high performance windows, a heat recovery ventilator, and a 2.4kW solar system.

Corey’s life as an energy efficiency professional began before his work with Neil Kelly when he was a green building consultant for a third-party certification program in California. Eventually, Corey wanted to make more of a direct impact in his community and saw energy efficiency in existing homes as the means to achieving his goals. Corey even seeks ways to promote his passion for energy efficiency abroad, returning recently from a three-month trip to India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. While in Nepal, he and his wife worked with Architects without Borders to renovate the country’s oldest Buddhist convent. They will continue to work with the design team to provide low-impact, resource-efficient housing for the convent.

Back in the United States at Neil Kelly, Corey takes pride in his company’s ability to listen to their clients’ concerns and goals, and to provide an appropriate solution for their retrofit projects. He says Neil Kelly’s team of energy efficiency experts are advocates for their customers, working creatively and effectively to help homeowners achieve their dreams of improved comfort, utility bill savings, carbon reductions, indoor air quality, and improved safety and durability.

Corey also believes participation in Community Power Works fits perfectly with Neil Kelly’s commitment to a triple bottom line (Neil Kelly recently became a Certified B-Corp). He believes Community Power Works makes it easier for customers to feel confident in the quality of work they receive and feel positive about supporting their greater Seattle community. He says  CPW “aligns with so many of our company’s and my personal goals. It not only strives for deep energy savings, but also factors in living wages for our employees, social equity in access to loans to perform retrofits, and applies a higher standard to the work performed.”

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