Batt + Lear: Energy efficiency = Remodeling written a different way

Batt + Lear: Energy efficiency = Remodeling written a different way


Jason Lear will tell you, “Home energy efficiency is just remodeling written a different way.” Jason is a home remodeling expert, and a partner in the firm Batt + Lear. He became interested in energy efficiency when one of his neighbors complained to him about being uncomfortable in her home. He realized she would benefit from a whole-home energy assessment as part of a comprehensive remodel. Batt + Lear launched the project, and after the first phase of work was complete, the neighbor was so thrilled about the increased comfort in her home that she began telling her friends. Her enthusiasm about comfort helped Jason realize that energy efficiency is integral to great remodeling. “There was this energy! Excitement! And interest in sharing that made me take pause,” he said. “It was a game-changer.”

The result was the creation of a new division of Batt + Lear focusing specifically on energy efficiency, and eventually becoming the cornerstone of the business. “It turns out all our remodel customers are interested in making their houses more energy efficient. They are also interested in doing a lot of other things to their homes,” Jason said. “Community Power Works offers not only significant cash incentives to help make the energy efficiency priorities financially possible, it also offers a financing option that does not require equity.”

Batt + Lear’s energy efficiency work doesn’t stop at helping Seattle homeowners – the firm is also a participating contractor in the Community Power Works fors Small Business program. They recently completed an upgrade for Both Ways Café, a popular neighborhood café in Lakewood/Seward Park.

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