Atmosphere: Making the sell with Community Power Works and green weatherization materials

Atmosphere: Making the sell with Community Power Works and green weatherization materials

Scott Finley, President of Community Power Works’ contracting partner Atmosphere, has an impressive resume. He was a founding member of the Indoor Air Investigators Association, a graduate of the American Lung Association Master Home Environmentalist Program, has taught classes for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and was a member of the Seattle Mayor’s Green Building Task Force.

After a quarter century in the building performance industry, Finley knows that motivating homeowners to take action through energy upgrade measures can be difficult.  He says that Community Power Works has given the home performance industry the lift it needs to break through, and earn trust with homeowners.  Finley explains that, “after trying to sell home performance weatherization on the private market for 27 years, it is amazing to see the difference in receptivity now that a City program is recommending it. We now get calls from homeowners ASKING FOR duct sealing or air sealing!”


Finley’s persistence in the science of home performance over the years has gotten him to the right place at the right time, where his company and programs like Community Power Works can team up to make a significant difference for the environment and the health of our communities.   South Park-based Atmosphere, with its team of six employees, walks the talk by specializing in the use of “green” weatherization materials which are made of recycled materials and are low off-gassing. Often, these materials perform better than traditional supplies. One example is damp spray cellulose, which reduces uncontrolled air infiltration and convection up to 50% better than conventional insulation.

Finley is grateful for Community Power Works because of the boost it has provided to the home performance industry and the opportunity it provides to address important environmental challenges.  “What we do over the next couple of years will reverberate through the ages and cause our children and future generations to either curse us or bless us…but working in collaboration, the possibilities are huge,” says Finley.

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