A “Sweet” Message of Home Stewardship

A “Sweet” Message of Home Stewardship

Have you spotted the Blue House? This fall, Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders has created a Community Power Works-inspired performance series called “There’s No Place Like Home,” in which a nearly 14’ tall blue Victorian house roams the streets of Seattle, living out its dreams. The house is often accompanied by a family of blue bears, who are working to better understand and care for their home, all with the help of their gnome friends.

The whimsical performance about home stewardship encourages those in its audience to care for their own homes, especially through energy conservation. Last weekend at Gas Works Park, the gnomes hosted a “Winterweatherizing Station,” where they helped children weatherize ginger bread houses using cotton candy insulation and licorice weatherstripping!

Lucia Neare discusses the central metaphor of the series in her Artist Statement: “…an ecologically sound future is the natural outgrowth of a culture of care. If we open ourselves to nurturing and care, this naturally extends to our homes, the community, and the environment. There’s No Place Like Home celebrates values of comfort, stewardship, and sustainability.”

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