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Program Details: Community Power Works for Home (“the Program”) is a City of Seattle (“City”) program funded by a grant from the Department of Energy (“Grant”). The Program helps Seattle residents make energy-saving improvements to their homes. Details of the program are subject to change without prior notice. Funds are subject to availability are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participant: The person accepting these terms and conditions is the Participant and certifies that he/she is eligible for the program.

Home Characteristics: Eligible homes are single-family dwelling units located within the Seattle City Light service area.

Property Rights: Participant represents that he/she has the right to install the energy efficiency measures at an eligible home and that if Participant is not the owner, Participant has obtained any necessary consents from the owner.

Instant Rebate Eligibility: Special rebates and incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis to Participants whose homes achieve energy savings through measures agreed to between the Participant and contractor. These rebates and incentives are subject to change without prior notice, are non-transferable, and will only be reserved for a qualified applicant for a limited time.

Verification, Inspection, and Access: The City or its Program representatives may request access to the property to ensure that energy efficiency measures were installed correctly. Prior to any authorization to disburse any Grant funds to a Participant’s contractor, a Program representative may inspect the work and verify that the installed energy efficiency measures meet Program requirements. No warranty of any kind is implied by this verification process. Participant agrees to provide the City or its Program representatives reasonable access to the property for the purposes described in this section.

Project Information Release: Participant understands that organizations associated with the Program (“Program Partners”), for example lenders, auditor/contractors, or Washington State University, will collect information (“Project Information”) from the Participant for Program-related purposes. Project Information may include but is not limited to the following: ethnicity, gender, household size, energy efficiency measures installed and resulting energy-savings, cost of project, and loan information (including name of lending institution, term, interest rate, payment schedule). Participant agrees that Program Partners may release anonymous Project Information to the City for reports that illustrate City progress towards Grant goals and City compliance with Grant terms and conditions. Program Partners collecting Project Information will be responsible for protecting personally identifiable information as confidential to the extent required by law, using their own release of information forms.

Energy Performance Score: Participant agrees to have a Program representative complete the Energy Performance Score Program registration on Participant’s behalf. This Program is partially funded and managed by Seattle City Light. Seattle City Light does not hire or select home auditors, and—if requested by the Participant—a Participant may select his/her own home auditor, provided they are an approved Seattle City Light home auditor. Participant authorizes the release of his/her Energy Performance Score report and associated Energy Analysis Report to Cascadia Consulting Group, the organization responsible for managing customer progress through the Program, and the Program contractor(s) assigned in order to provide the Participant a bid, perform home upgrades, provide verification and inspection services, evaluate program performance, and otherwise administer rebates and incentives.

Disclaimer/No Liability: Participant understands that, while the Program provides funding for the energy assessment and funding to reduce the cost of the energy savings measures that Participant installs through the program, the City is not performing the energy assessment or the installation of any energy savings measures or other related services, appliances, or materials. The Program does not guarantee energy savings results.

Participant Surveys: Participant understands, acknowledges and agrees that Washington State University (“WSU”), acting on behalf of the City, may contact Participant about his/her participation in the Program. Participant agrees to complete an anonymous customer satisfaction survey, administered by WSU. Also, Participant may be contacted by a Program representative requesting Participant to provide customer testimonials, feedback, and other information for marketing purposes on a voluntary basis.

Tax Liability: The City and Community Power Works for Home are not responsible for any tax liability which may be imposed on the Participant as a result of participation in the Program, or any loan or financing obtained through the Program. Community Power Works for Home is not providing tax advice, and any communication by Community Power Works for Home is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.

No Endorsement: Community Power Works for Home does not endorse any particular manufacturer or product associated with the Program. The fact that the names of particular manufacturers, products or systems may appear on a particular Program bid or other related documentation does not constitute an endorsement. Manufacturers, products, or systems not mentioned are not implied to be unsuitable or defective in any way.