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Energy Efficiency in the Naked City

At Naked City Brewery, “it doesn’t matter where you’re going or where you’ve been; all that matters is great living and great beer.” Greenwood’s neighborhood brewery lives up to that ethos, and part of great living is being good stewards of the community and the environment. That’s why owners Don, Donald, and Bryan are so… Continue Reading >

Make the Remodel of Your Dreams an Energy Upgrade

Many homeowners dream of the perfect remodel – the one with the pristine kitchen, the new modern appliances, and the home transformed. What if that transformation came in a different package, but still produced those same feelings of exhilaration and rejuvenation? For homeowner Andrea Stevens, her remodel came in the form of a home energy… Continue Reading >

Progressive Building Solutions: A Rising Tide

Suraj Lobo lives the old aphorism about a rising tide lifting all boats. As manager of Progressive Building Solutions, Suraj believes his company’s visionary ownership structure is a rising tide in Seattle’s home performance industry. Employees are part-owners of the Community Power Works-certified contractor, which means each employee is deeply invested in Progressive Building Solutions’… Continue Reading >

That Was Easy!

When taking on new challenges or projects, most of us develop expectations about how easy or difficult the task will be. But expectations don’t always align with reality.  For example, first-time dog owners are notorious for underestimating the amount of dedication, training, and time a new puppy requires. We’ve noticed the opposite trend with Community Power… Continue Reading >

Keen to be Green in Leschi

Leschi mom and new homeowner, Adrienne Wiley, knew that she wanted to make upgrades to her leaky 1906 home—but she wasn’t sure where to start. When a friend told her about Community Power Works, Adrienne decided to sign up. Working with Batt + Lear, Adrienne learned more about the performance of her home and identified upgrades that would… Continue Reading >

Advanced Energy Management Wins NW Ductless Heat Pump Project “2011-2012 Contractor of the Year”

                Our congratulations go out to Community Power Works’ energy expert Craig Christensen and his crew at Advanced Energy Management (AEM) for winning the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project 2011-2012 Contractor of the Year award for Washington State! AEM installed over 300 heat pumps last year – more… Continue Reading >