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A “Miraculous” Investment in Joy and Happiness

Every winter, Susie Cantor faced a decision familiar to too many parents. A single mother, Susie was forced to choose between paying her costly energy bills and buying necessary items for her two daughters. In their midcentury home in Greenwood, the Cantor family struggled to pay the “nauseating” $350/month oil bill for the home’s old,… Continue Reading >

Fruits and veggies and a side of dessert

There’s a saying in the energy efficiency world that you have to eat your energy efficiency fruits and vegetables before you can have your solar dessert. A little over a year ago, homeowners Amanda Slepski and Patti West thought they might not get either. Amanda’s father performed an audit of their Georgetown home and estimated… Continue Reading >

Windows: A Worthy Investment?

Many homeowners call the Community Power Works hotline with the same complaint: expensive utility bills. Even before they sign up for their $125 audit subsidized by Seattle City Light, homeowners often believe they have already pinpointed the source of their energy woes — leaky windows. Phil Lofurno was shocked to learn during his energy assessment that windows were… Continue Reading >

Falling Back in Love

On the cusp of her 70th birthday, Jo Ann Oliver was considering moving out of her 1975 West Seattle rambler and into a more cost-effective living space. After receiving a Community Power Works insert in her Seattle City Light bill, though, she learned that she might be able to drastically reduce her annual energy expenses without… Continue Reading >

Make the Remodel of Your Dreams an Energy Upgrade

Many homeowners dream of the perfect remodel – the one with the pristine kitchen, the new modern appliances, and the home transformed. What if that transformation came in a different package, but still produced those same feelings of exhilaration and rejuvenation? For homeowner Andrea Stevens, her remodel came in the form of a home energy… Continue Reading >

That Was Easy!

When taking on new challenges or projects, most of us develop expectations about how easy or difficult the task will be. But expectations don’t always align with reality.  For example, first-time dog owners are notorious for underestimating the amount of dedication, training, and time a new puppy requires. We’ve noticed the opposite trend with Community Power… Continue Reading >

An Investment That Will Never Fall Out of Fashion

When evaluating home improvement investments, most homeowners consider how an improvement could increase the value of their property.  Homeowners, however, often fall into two traps – conflating taste with value, and failing to account for stylistic depreciation. While you may love your shag carpet and pink, iridescent Jacuzzi tub, prospective buyers may not have the same eye… Continue Reading >

Getting Cozy in Roosevelt

Whether it’s biking, ultimate Frisbee, a long run, yard work, or a soccer game—most Seattleites know the feeling of being soaking wet and chilled to the bone after their favorite outdoor activity.  On soggy days, nothing beats returning to a cozy home and warm shower.  The problem for Community Power Works customers Janine and Lance… Continue Reading >


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