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Fruits and veggies and a side of dessert

There’s a saying in the energy efficiency world that you have to eat your energy efficiency fruits and vegetables before you can have your solar dessert. A little over a year ago, homeowners Amanda Slepski and Patti West thought they might not get either. Amanda’s father performed an audit of their Georgetown home and estimated… Continue Reading >

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear Car Wash is seeing green. Washington’s largest commercial car wash has long been a leader in water efficiency, green cleaning chemicals, and storm water pollution reduction, and it’s now adding energy efficiency to its sustainable operating practices. Bolstered by rebates and incentives from Community Power Works for Small Business, Brown Bear recently upgraded… Continue Reading >

Windows: A Worthy Investment?

Many homeowners call the Community Power Works hotline with the same complaint: expensive utility bills. Even before they sign up for their $125 audit subsidized by Seattle City Light, homeowners often believe they have already pinpointed the source of their energy woes — leaky windows. Phil Lofurno was shocked to learn during his energy assessment that windows were… Continue Reading >

Falling Back in Love

On the cusp of her 70th birthday, Jo Ann Oliver was considering moving out of her 1975 West Seattle rambler and into a more cost-effective living space. After receiving a Community Power Works insert in her Seattle City Light bill, though, she learned that she might be able to drastically reduce her annual energy expenses without… Continue Reading >

City of Seattle Partners with Clean Energy Works to Transition Energy Efficiency Pilot Program

Community Power Works generates economic growth by delivering energy efficiency solutions to Seattleites The City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) announced this month that it will partner with Clean Energy Works to develop a business plan and explore funding opportunities for the next phase of Community Power Works, the City’s energy efficiency upgrade… Continue Reading >

Energy Efficiency in the Naked City

At Naked City Brewery, “it doesn’t matter where you’re going or where you’ve been; all that matters is great living and great beer.” Greenwood’s neighborhood brewery lives up to that ethos, and part of great living is being good stewards of the community and the environment. That’s why owners Don, Donald, and Bryan are so… Continue Reading >

Make the Remodel of Your Dreams an Energy Upgrade

Many homeowners dream of the perfect remodel – the one with the pristine kitchen, the new modern appliances, and the home transformed. What if that transformation came in a different package, but still produced those same feelings of exhilaration and rejuvenation? For homeowner Andrea Stevens, her remodel came in the form of a home energy… Continue Reading >

Progressive Building Solutions: A Rising Tide

Suraj Lobo lives the old aphorism about a rising tide lifting all boats. As manager of Progressive Building Solutions, Suraj believes his company’s visionary ownership structure is a rising tide in Seattle’s home performance industry. Employees are part-owners of the Community Power Works-certified contractor, which means each employee is deeply invested in Progressive Building Solutions’… Continue Reading >